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Licensee/Beneficiary Enrollment


Being a licensed user of those programs included in the Software described or otherwise included in Software Escrow Agreement No. and bearing date between the Escrow Agent and the Licensor and as such becomes entitled to the rights of a beneficiary and agrees to perform and observe its obligations thereunder upon the Licensor filing this Notification with the Escrow Agent. The Licensee’s/Beneficiary’s rights under this Agreement shall relate to the Software in those container(s) held by the Escrow Agent for which the Licensee/Beneficiary has a valid license agreement that is not in arrears or otherwise in default at such time as those rights are exercised.

The Licensee/Beneficiary has received and reviewed this Agreement and accepts its terms and conditions and agrees to pay the fees and charges set annually by the Escrow Agent. The Licensee/Beneficiary may terminate the whole of its rights and obligations at any time.

The following party shall be responsible for any fees and charges pertaining to the above licensee/beneficiary:
Escrow Material Product Description Release/Version Number
Segregated Software (separate deposit of source code required for this enrolled Beneficiary)?

The Depositor shall deposit updates to the Software above listed not less frequently than annually and such updates shall be considered as included in the Software.


Incomplete information may result in a delay of enrollment. The Escrow Agent will direct all correspondence, notices, invoices and general information requests at the address above or to such other fax numbers, email address or street addresses as the Parties may from time to time direct in accordance under a change notice.

Once submitted you will have the option to Print/Save/Email/Enroll Another Beneficiary.