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Encrypted Online Deposit (EOD) makes depositing of escrow materials both simple and secure, and we are proud to give our clients the most current service offering.

EOD is simple because encryption is done automatically. You just zip, drag and send. No more physical media and no more couriers.

EOD is secure because naked source code never leaves your possession. Encryption is assured throughout transmission and storage.

EOD via the SoftEscrow Client Portal is designed for and tested on the latest stable versions of the Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari web browsers.

Technical Details

  • All pages are served over HTTPS and encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Uploaded are encrypted in-transit over HTTPS and at-rest with one of the strongest encryption ciphers available (AES-256)
  • Files are stored in the Amazon Web Services cloud (AWS), with regular offline backups stored in a secure location
  • Data access is tightly controlled through user authentication and role-based access control (RBAC)

Data Storage

  • Deposited files are stored in highly durable cloud storage on AWS
  • Integrity of uploaded files is verified using file checksums
  • Deposited files checksums are calculated as MD5 digests and provided in abbreviated form on the Deposit Certificate as the deposit “Signature”

Data Security and Encryption

  • All connections to the SoftEscrow Client Portal are served over HTTPS with TLS encryption, providing in-transit encryption
  • All web servers serving the SoftEscrow Client Portal have full-disk encryption enabled, providing at-rest encryption
  • All data transmitted between SoftEscrow web servers and AWS cloud storage is sent over HTTPS with TLS, providing in-transit encryption
  • Deposited files are stored in AWS with Server-Side Encryption using the 256–bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) block cipher, providing at-rest encryption

Data Access

  • Uploaded files are only accessible by administrator users with designated roles (RBAC) for the purposes of making offline backups
  • All user passwords, including administrator passwords, are hashed with unique, per-password salts
  • Direct cloud storage access is available only to SoftEscrow super-user administrators
  • Authentication and access records are retained for web application, server, and cloud storage access attempts