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Who should use it, and how does it work?

Licensed users of software products in machine code should have a Single User Plan (SUP) source code escrow for those applications that are critical to their business operations and that need continuing maintenance and development.

Investors financing new product development who wish to have collateral security can do so by insisting that source code be put into escrow at regular stages in the development process. Investor Security Plan

STEP 1 – Signing the Escrow Agreement

Request a copy of our Single User Plan standard contract form for review by you or your attorney.

STEP 2 – Depositing Source Code

After the agreement has been signed by the User and Supplier we courier a special container to you (along with seals, certificate and instructions). Both the User and Supplier are present when the escrow materials are sealed into the container and certified. In that way, the completeness and authenticity of the contents is verified prior to deposit.

You then courier the sealed container back to us, and we store it in one of our secure vaults. It is our responsibility to keep the container safe and eventually return it with the seal unbroken.

Immediately upon receiving the sealed container, we will notify both the User and Supplier that we have received it.

STEP 3 – Adding Updates Later

When a new release is ready for escrow we send you another container into which a consolidated set of the new software is placed under seal following the same procedures as above, and returned to us. As always, we confirm at receipt to both parties. We do not open the old container and replace materials. The old container is retained until we are directed to return it, which may be automatically after receiving new releases, or only after receiving written instructions from the parties. The parties also decide how often new releases must be deposited under escrow.


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