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Who should use it, and how does it work?

Software suppliers who license fairly standard (non customized) packages in machine form to many customers need a Multi User Plan (MUP). So do software developers whose product is imbedded into larger products that are owned and distributed by others.

Eventually you will be asked to set up a source code escrow, and when that happens, having one already in place will save time and also keep your selling efforts focused on selling rather than legalities.

STEP 1 – Signing the Escrow Agreement

Request a copy of our Multi User standard contract for review by you or your attorney.

STEP 2 – Depositing Source Code

After the agreement is signed, we courier a special container to you (along with seals, certificate and instructions) into which you seal the source code and certify that it is complete and authentic. Our fee is a flat annual fee and covers any number of products.

You then courier the sealed container back to us, and we store it in one of our many secure vaults. It is our responsibility to keep the container safe and eventually return it with the seal unbroken.

Immediately upon receiving the sealed container, we will notify you and your customer that we have received it.

If some or all of your customers use exactly the same software, then you need only one escrow container. For those customers who use a customized version of your software, a separate container is required for each customer.

STEP 3 – Adding Updates Later

When you are ready to lodge a new release into escrow we send you another container into which a consolidated set of the new software is placed under seal and returned to us. As always, we confirm receipt to you and your customer.

We do not open the old container and replace materials. The old container is retained until all customers have moved off that release or it is included in a new consolidated deposit, at which time we return the old container to you.

STEP 4 – Adding Customers Later

You choose which customers become entitled under the escrow. The Multi User Plan includes a prescribed form used for that purpose which is signed by you. In this way, all customers are governed by the same escrow terms. However the agreement is flexible and can accommodate a variety of requests.

There is no need to deposit another copy of software for each new customer under the Multi User Plan (MUP), unless it has been customized for that particular customer.


A person in authority from your company certifies each software deposit as it is made. Not often, but sometimes a customer still wishes to verify that the software sealed in a container is complete, authentic and undamaged. This can be done in one or both of two ways.

Some licensors use an annual customer appreciation meeting to deposit source software by sealing it into one of our containers in front of all their customers who are given the opportunity to conduct a verification procedure before it is put under seal.

For those customers wishing to conduct a verification after software has been delivered to us, the MUP allows them to require us to bring the sealed container to the licensor's premises where the contents are inspected by both the licensor and customer in each others presence. However, customers wishing to exercise that right must first pay all expenses and a per diem to the other parties for attending. Listen to an important audio message about verification.


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