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Who should use it, and how does it work?

Corporations, with many installed software products under license from many different suppliers have a genuine interest to ensure that their mission critical applications are in fact under escrow and on terms that give protection. The best way to achieve that result is to require software suppliers to adopt a Multi Supplier Plan escrow established by you, and in that way, terms of the escrow and its status regarding deposits and updates is readily monitored.

STEP 1 – Signing the Escrow Agreement

Request a copy of our Multi Supplier Plan standard contract for review by you or your attorney.

STEP 2 – Suppliers Sign On

Suppliers are able to adopt the terms of the Multi Supplier Plan, by signing on to it using a form designated for that purpose. This gives the licensed user a ready method of ensuring that there is a high degree of uniformity in the escrow terms and conditions that govern its suppliers and also allows for easy monitoring of compliance.

STEP 3 – Depositing Source Code

Upon receipt of a signed agreement, there are two methods of depositing source code into escrow, and either or both may be used.


We courier a special container to you into which source materials are sealed. In your presence the supplier first verifies that the materials are complete and authentic, after which both you and the supplier seal the container, certify its contents and courier it back to us.


We courier a special container to your supplier who, alone, seals the source materials into the container, certifies that they are complete and authentic and couriers it back to us. At any time later, if you wish to verify the contents of the container we deliver it to you and the supplier together for inspection. Most often, merely having the right to conduct such an inspection at any time seems to be enough, although many licensed users elect to do a verification (either pre or post) when a major new release of the product is being deposited into escrow.

STEP 4 – Adding Updates Later

Whenever a supplier is ready to deposit a new release or version of the software, we send another container along with a Certificate/Seal and Instructions. In each case, you decide whether the deposit will be made with pre or post verification. As always, we immediately send a confirmation of receipt notice to both you and the supplier when the container is delivered to us.

Our obligation is to always keep the escrow materials under seal, therefore old containers are not opened and refilled with new updates. Outdated software is returned under seal.


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